Fly Modern Ark is proud to offer this truly distinctive, worldwide capable aircraft for immediate sale. This Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2) is equipped with a PATS Aircraft five auxiliary fuel tank configuration (two forward and three aft auxiliary fuel tanks) for maximum range and payload capability. The Boeing BBJ2 is a 737-800 derivative delivered with factory installed API cruise performance enhancing winglets and a customer-specific handcrafted interior. The BBJ2 value-add are legendary: B737 short field performance, Boeing reliability/serviceability, an unparalleled executive aircraft cabin size and comfort and an astounding 11:30 flight endurance/5900NM range.

Model: 737-8JM

Delivery: September 2009 Completion December 2010

Airframe total flight time: 169.5 Hours (June 2016)

Total landing cycles: 111 (June 2016)

Engine Manufacturer: GE/SNECMA – CFM

Engine Type: CFM56-7B27/B3

Engine Hours: 169.5 Hours

Engine Cycles: 111 Cycles

APU Manufacturer: Honeywell

APU Type/Serial Number: GTCP-131 9B/P-7719

APU Hours and Cycles: 237 Hours/342 Cycles

Weight and Balance



Basic Empty Weight



Basic Operating Weight



Maximum Zero Fuel Weight



Maximum Fuel Weight (5 Tanks Full)



Maximum Taxi Weight



Maximum Takeoff Weight



Maximum Landing Weight



Maximum Payload



This Boeing Business Jet – Two interior is the most highly desirable layout available on the market today. Artistically designed for form and function, the 19 passenger/36 seat interior with approved crew rest, a forward galley, main cabin lounges and aft-cabin dual staterooms was meticulously balanced and fashioned to capitalize on the purpose of the aircraft – maximum range and comfort.

Six distinctly separate cabin areas flow together seamlessly while providing complete privacy and space from each other.

Other interior highlights include:
 Maintainability, reliability, the latest technology in

satellite communications and easily upgradable internet connectivity infrastructure

  •   The highest quality inflight entertainment systems (Airshow 4000)
  •   Increased cabin sound proofing for a silent inflight experience, Boeing Aircraft Lower Cabin Altitude service bulletin (SB 21-1149) modification for a well-rested body after a maximum range flight at altitude

 Legendary Boeing BBJ2 cabin size


The Boeing Business Jet is equipped with Boeing’s commercially available avionics suite found on its derivative Boeing models. Designed to be vertically standardized across the entire family of Boeing aircraft, it’s the most well-known, highly proven, easily supported and maintained combination of aircraft avionics in the world.

The Integrated Avionics Suite for the BBJ contains a well-balanced mixture of the world’s most well respected manufacturers’ components all carefully chosen and combined by Boeing into the BBJ based on functionality, reliability, maintainability and human factors training elements. Designed around a large, Honeywell 6 flat-panel primary flight display presentation, the BBJ avionics are designed for long range navigation, ETOPS 180 minutes compliance and lower landing weather minimums (CAT II and CAT IIIA) complete with a fail passive, dual channel auto pilot for autoland capability.

Other avionics highlights include an integrally designed dual Astronautics-EFB system, Head Up guidance system, and satellite communication with data downlink capability (Iridium Satellite Phone/Rockwell Collins Aero H+). The aircraft is approved for FANs-1 and ADS-B out. This Boeing Business Jet cockpit is brilliantly equipped for mission safety and success.


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